Strongly identifiable character for the executive work environment, a collection characterized by solid forms and structures made of hand-welded black iron profiles

Product design B+B Associati

Ellan decorates prestigious environments with iconic desks and articulated compositions. A rigorous collection composed of desks, aggregated side extensions, suspended storage units or on a coordinated metal structure.

The high meeting table is ideal for both quick meetings and convivial moments. The footrest moves in continuity with the leg design, outlining the structure.

The L-shaped profile travels around the entire perimeter of the conference tables and creates an elegant and distinctive base structure.

Available in 5 heights, Ellan storage units can either have an iron support structure to match the desk or be wall-hung.

A balance of shapes and material surfaces: the storage units in the Ellan collection create iconic aggregate compositions of desks, complanar service tops and blind back storage units suspended or on a metal structure.

Ellan is a strong identity for the executive office